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VIVUM pioneers Evolutionary AI, harnessing Biological Intelligence to transform AI’s role in autonomous vehicles, advanced robotics, and edge devices that currently run on Conventional AI like Deep and Reinforcement Learning.

Drawing from the wisdom of biological systems, our groundbreaking platform powers next-gen AI computing. We develop ultra-efficient Evolutionary AI models and coprocessors that tackle complex AI tasks, slash energy consumption, and overcome computational bottlenecks. This breakthrough unleashes sophisticated AI on edge devices, radically amplifying efficiency and power.

Our transparent, explainable Evolutionary AI models dynamically adapt to real-world complexities, resisting model drift and closing the sim-to-real gap. Mimicking nature’s resilience, we create AI that continuously learns and evolves, transcending conventional limitations.

Our Culture

The values we live BY

Safety, Security, and Transparency

We believe in practical transparency, saving time by being direct from the start, and creating tools that are both transparent and secure. Our Ethics First approach ensures we're responsible stewards, always asking not just "can we," but "should we." We only develop tools that meet the highest ethical, safety and security standards.

Unwavering Accountability

Accountability is non-negotiable at Vivum, and upholding our values is critical. Our team and our business partners are like-minded in these respects.

Absolute Integrity

Integrity is our cornerstone, guiding the accuracy of our data, the openness of our methods / capabilities, and the reliability of our results. It shapes every decision and action, ensuring our unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency.


Our pursuit of balance involves a harmonious approach, valuing all perspectives while staying rooted in a central, grounded outlook. By recognizing and integrating diverse viewpoints, we ensure our decisions and actions are well-informed and comprehensive, embodying a true sense of equilibrium in everything we do.

Joyful Engagement

Embedding fun and enjoyment in our tasks is crucial; without it, we reevaluate. Prioritizing fun cultivates a vibrant, conducive environment for creativity and innovation, where challenges transform into opportunities embraced with eagerness.

Pioneering Spirit

Our conviction is strong: there is always a more effective method. Embracing curiosity propels us toward fresh insights and enhancements. This commitment to innovation nurtures an environment ripe for creative exploration, challenging us to extend the limits of the conceivable.


Aldo Carrascoso, MBA

CEO & Co-Founder

As a visionary entrepreneur and technology leader, he is renowned for his ability to identify and invest in emerging companies with groundbreaking potential. With a keen eye for innovation, he has co-founded and led several successful ventures, including InterVenn Biosciences (2016), collaborating with Nobel Laureate Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi and renowned scientist Dr. Carlito Lebrilla to revolutionize precision medicine. Prior to InterVenn, he founded and held leadership roles at Veem (2013), a global cross-border payment processing company and blockchain pioneer, and Jukin Media (2009), one of the world’s largest UGC licensing platforms. As an active angel investor, Aldo has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify and support emerging companies that have generated significant value for investors (>$1B) and positively impacted people’s lives. Holding an MBA from Babson and a BS from Ateneo De Manila University, he is widely respected for his deep understanding of transformative technologies such as AI, machine learning, data science, blockchain, and cloud computing.

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Derek Whitley, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-Founder

Dr. Derek Whitley is a United States Navy veteran (CTM2-SW), Visiting Assistant Professor at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, as well as the CTO and co-founder of ViVum AI: a dual-use company pioneering evolutionary artificial intelligence. He holds a dual PhD from Indiana University Bloomington in Complex Systems and Cognitive Science. His research in neuromorphic computing has been sought and funded by NASA, the United States Air Force, and Office of Naval Research for its widespread application of machine autonomy in size, weight, and power constrained environments. He has lead the scientific team at ViVum in the development of a next generation AI technology that reduces the power requirement of neural networks by 6000 times.

Dave Kalinske

VP | Defense and Strategic Applications

Endorsed by two U.S. Presidents, Mr. Kalinske is a Harvard & UCLA alumnus and former National Security Fellow. He was the White House Aide to President Bush and President Obama directly responsible for America’s nuclear codes and the associated emergency action teams. A recipient of the Defense Superior Service Medal for meritorious service in the position of significant national responsibility, he is a TOPGUN graduate whose government service includes combat operations as a fighter pilot and Miramar-based fighter squadron Commanding Officer. He has served in various executive-level capacities in the tech, aerospace, manufacturing and space industries. Vast executive leadership experience in operations, business development, P&L management & corporate strategy.

CJ 1

CJ Meurell

VP | Commercial

An experienced international sales and business executive, adept at driving innovation in high-tech markets and engaging C-level decision-makers to enhance shareholder value and achieve substantial financial results, combines entrepreneurial zeal with extensive global business acumen. Specializing in mobile broadband, connected vehicles, telematics, and SaaS models, with a proven ability to lead startups, manage P&L, execute M&A strategies, and develop teams within emerging technology sectors.

Justin Slattery, Ph.D.

Director of Artificial Intelligence & Applied Ethics

An accomplished interdisciplinary researcher with expertise in AI ethics, evolutionary systems, swarm dynamics, and autonomous navigation. He holds a PhD in Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science from Indiana University Bloomington. Before ViVum, Justin was a Senior AI Research Scientist at Exonus LLC, where he managed federal grant projects and developed proof-of-concept solutions for NASA using Python and proprietary algorithms. He has collaborated with diverse teams and bridges the gap between sciences and humanities in his work.


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